Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Yrjö Saarinen

I am working on a couple of large posts on modern Finnish painting to be posted in the near future, in the meantime here is something to enjoy. I know nothing of the artist beyond the following - he attended no art school, didn't own any art books, and had never been abroad. He "was not interested by the doings of other people" and he worked as a sign painter to sustain himself financially.

There is plenty to explore in Finnish painting! A remarkable work to start with...

"Lepohetki" 1942. By Yrjö Saarinen (1899-1958,) Finnish.


tyhjätasku said...

In the 10th picture of this blog


you can see a painting from Yrjö Saarinen hanging on the wall. It is from the year 1952.

The President and the Prime Minister of of Finland are sitting in the room. The date is June 1965.

Yrjö Saarinen is quite well known artist in Finland.

curator said...

Hi, many thanks for taking the time to comment. That's an interesting photograph. I realise that many of the artists (including Saarinen) featured here are quite well known in their country of origin. In fact, some of them are the leading artists of their generation and are widely respected and cherished in the country of their birth. That doesn't mean that they are well known elswhere however, and by collecting together artists from a wide variety of different countries I hope that people can gain exposure to artists and paintings that they might otherwise never see. I don't expect every reader to have never heard of everything posted here, but I would expect there to be something new and interesting for most people. Thanks again!