Monday, 25 February 2008

Charles Cottet (1863-1925)

Cottet studied at the École des Beaux-Arts, and under Puvis de Chavannes and Roll, while also attending the Académie Julian (where fellow students formed Les Nabis school of painting, with which he was later associated). He travelled and painted in Egypt, Italy, and on Lake Geneva, but he made his name with his sombre and gloomy, firmly designed, severe and impressive scenes of life on the Brittany coast.

Cottet exibited at the Salon of 1889, but on a trip to Brittany in 1886 he had found his true calling. For the next twenty years he painted scenes of rural and harbor life, portraying a culture Parisians still found exotic. He is especially noted for his dark seascapes of Breton harbors at dawn, and evocative scenes from the lives of Breton fishermen.

His masterpiece is undoubtedly "Douleur au pays de la mer
," shown below.

Charles Cottet - "Douleur au pays de la mer" 1908.

Cottet posing with the painting -


Rich said...

Any chance of more? I've loved your previous updates but it's been a fair while since your last one! Keep up the good work!

curator said...

Thanks a lot for the comment, I had a few posts saved which I have now posted and there should be some more in the near future when I find the time. Snowed under with work but I'll try and keep this on track now. Glad you have enjoyed some of the posts, the best is yet to come!

Neil said...

Cottet did an etching of this subject, which just shows the weeping women.