Sunday, 18 May 2008

Weather: Rain

Leon Francois Comerre (French, 1850-1916) - "Le Deluge"

Hector Allemand (French, 1809-1886) - "Le buisson courbe par l'orage"

Mikhail Larionov (Russian, 1881-1964) - "The Rain"

Pol Cassel (German, 1892-1945) - "Landscape"

Luigi Nono (Italian, 1850-1919) - "First Rain"

Yngve Johnson Tore (Swedish, 1928-1979) - "Untitled" c.1949


RobF said...

Great site. Le Deluge, by Comerre is a huge, stunning painting hanging in the Musee des Beaux Arts in Nantes. The sense of despair seeps off the canvas as the rain falls mercilessly. Hanging next to it is another tremendous painting no-one seems to have heard of, Le Defile de la Hache by Paul Buffet. It would be fitting to see that painting featured here also. If you don't already fear God, the chances are you will after sitting for a few minutes contemplating thses two superb works. Rob Faulkner

curator said...

It's a truly incredible painting Rob, I would love the opportunity to see it in the flesh.

Paul Buffet seems an interesting character, I haven't been able to find Le Defile de la Hache online, do you have a link?

RobF said...

I'm afraid I can't find any reference to the painting at all, never mind a photo! You'd enjoy a trip to the Musee in Nantes, it's very quiet with many wonderful paintings, but relatively few visitors.