Saturday, 14 June 2008

Israeli and Jewish art on sale shortly

Josef Budko - "Jewish Child" Oil on canvas, 1927.

This selection of paintings are taken from the upcoming modern Israeli & International Art Sale at Tiroche Auction House in Hertzelia Pituch, Israel.

Gregoire Michonze - "Figures in the Village" Oil on canvas, 1970.

Jakob Steinhardt - "Landscape" Oil on card, 1955.

Jakob Eisensher - "Safed" Gouache on paper.

Ludwig Blum - "Jerusalem" Oil on canvas, 1961.

Ludwig Blum - "The Jerusalem Mountains" Oil on canvas, 1948

Mordechai Levanon - "Figure in Safed" Gouache and watercolour on paper

Nachum Gutman - "Portrait of Aviva Gur" Watercolour on paper

Reuven Rubin - "On the way to Nazareth" Watercolour, 1936

Schmuel Charuvi - "Landscape" Watercolour, 1941.


MJ FALCÃO said...

Very interesting! From those painters I only knew Reven Rubin.

MJ FALCÃO said...

the hawk

ariel lev said...

Maybe you will find next video interesting

Hels said...

Many thanks. I would not like to live in Safed because it is too small and too remote. But for an artist, as you have shown in two of the paintings, it must have been a bit like heaven on earth.