Friday, 19 June 2009

Leandro Ramon Garrido (1868 - 1909)

"La petite plongeuse" 1901


Cliff said...

This is a lovely still life killled by the prensece of a figure. Like Chardin with a big wall (which is what makes the painting so beautiful), Get rid of the girl; her head is odd, a weird tilt.

Hels said...

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Art and Architecture, mainly

James Griffin said...

I have to say that stumbling onto your site is like discovering a wonderful forgotten museum! You have exquisite taste and it is so refreshing to see these relatively unknown painters brought to light. I'm particularly fond of Garber, but so many of the others featured on this page are superb. The Russian lady painter, ( forgot the name ), is a treasure!
Thanks you for your efforts in curating this online museum.
James Griffin