Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Charles Reiffel (1862-1942)

"Mountain Barrier" 1931

"In the Mountains, Baja, California"

"Autumn design #2" 1950's

"Hills and houses"

"La Cresta" 1932

"After the blizzard"

"Across the valley"

"Country Splendor"

"San Diego Farm"

"Summer session at Ballast Point" 1930

"Perhaps the most original of the early San Diego artists was the self-taught Charles Reiffel, a critically acclaimed landscape painter before his 1926 arrival on the West Coast. His work is vibrant with its blue-green-gold palette and undulating line that fill the canvases with movement and light, endowing them with a sense of the constant change of the mountainous Southern California landscape. Reiffel was in sympathy with the modern tendency toward pure color and bright light." - M. Petersen, "Art in San Diego before 1930"


Candace X. Moore said...

A local artist I am embarrassed to say I was not aware of. With an inspiring life story, too. Thanks for the continued outstanding posts.

curator said...

Many thanks Candace!

You clearly live in a beautiful part of the world :)