Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Henry Herbert La Thangue (1859-1929)

"A Provencal farm"

"The water splash" 1900

"A Brescian Shore"

"An Autumn morning"

"A Sussex farm"

"The builder's yard, Cancale, Brittany" 1881

"Marsh marigolds"

"Sussex farm" 1887

"Provencal Spring" 1903

"The March month"

"A Ligurian spring"

"The Mushroom Gatherers"

"The farm pond"


cyurkanin said...

Wow, it's quite a thing to say considering the astounding images you constantly post, but I think this is my favorite yet. The illustartive characteristics are incredible, each painting reads like a little novel. He's a master of open air landscape. It's only in today's world that he is underappreciated. Thanks.

Sir John More said...

A true treasure your blog. Thanks.

annmclark said...

Yes, thank you, a lovely collection of La Thangue, and a beautiful, as well as intriguing collection overall - your web log.

marionsco said...

I am delighted to discover your blog. La Thangue was my great uncle by marriage and I am continually finding works of his I haven't seen before, including some you have here. Thank you.