Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Guy Pène du Bois (1884-1958)

"Woman in Brooklyn"

"Portrait of Joan Karges Hogg at 19" 1942

"Dining out"


"Boy with a propeller beanie" 1948

"Seated blonde nude with flowered robe"


"Seated brunette nude with green background"

"In memoriam of Georgione"

"The Lady Witness"

"Trapeze Performers" 1931

"Nightclub" 1933

"Country Wedding" 1926

"Mr and Mrs Chester Dale dine out" 1924

"Girl reading a book" 1929

"Café Madrid" 1926

"Studio Window"

"Woman playing accordion"

"Americans in Paris"

"In this prohibition period the summers at Westport, Connecticut, exceeded the riotousness of New York. There gin and orange juice ruled the days and nights. Talk was an extravaganza. Work was an effort made between parties"


math paul said...

It's clear this artist is not in the big league. But his work is a joy to see. tnx.

peregrinacultural said...

Got here because of Girl reading in a green Chair by Pène du Bois, which I had seen before but had not knnown the author. Lovely. Don't agree with Math Paul, I believe he is just as good as many MAJOR LEAGUE. But I stopped to comment for I enjoyed greatly you blog. Have gainde about one hour and a half of pleasure today, by looking at your postings. Thanks a lot. I will be coming back.

Sophie Munns said...

Wonderful collection to gaze at!
I was transfixed by the "Boy with a propeller beanie" and love the moody "Woman playing the accordian".

I do so much enjoy your blog.
Thank you,

john said...

Chacun a son gout, Mathy.
Dennis K.