Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Rita Angus (1908 - 1970)

"Theo Schoon" c.1941-3

"Mount Maud" 1938

"A Goddess of Mercy" 1945-7

"Fay and Jane Birkshaw" 1938

"Central Otago" 1940

"Portrait of Robert Erwin" 1953

"Fog Hawkes Bay" 1968-9

"Leo Bensemann" 1938

"Majorie Marshall" 1938-9

"Mother and child" 1942

"Portrait of Betty Curnow" 1942

"Mountains, Cass" 1936

"Portrait of Jean Angus" 1937

"Mother and child" 1945

"Joyce Milligan" 1941

"Quentin Angus" 1942-4

"River bed, Waiau"

"Rutu" 1951

"Scrub burning, Northern Hawkes Bay" 1965

"Self Portrait" 1937

"Timmy" 1952


Sophie Munns said...

This artist's work is spectacular. Having spent just a little time in New Zealand they did have a strong sense of the place as I found it.
I have not heard of this artist unfortunately. I'm from Australia and the women painters here working in the same time as Rita Angus have more or less been celebrated years/decades after they should have been.

This was such a treat to find this stormy old evening - thankyou!

Joel said...

These are realy stunning works of great power. They are a masterful display of sensitivity toward the emotional intensity of the sitter.

Judyb said...

Robert Erwin was my Mother's cousin and the long time partner of Lawrence Baigent. He was a very good friend of Rita's. I would love to know where this artwork is. I know that he modelled for the "Maori Boy" painting.

curator said...

Hi Judy, thats really interesting. The work is here -