Friday, 20 November 2009

Elena Zolotnisky (b.1961)

"Color exercise" 2007

"Dorian Gray series" 2008

"Girl in the yellow turban" 2007

"Max" 2008

"Noele" 2008

"Renaissance boy"

"Untitled" 2008


Régis Pettinari said...

I like very much. Between primitivism, classissism and Balthus. Beautiful !

Lucie G said...

yes me too, I find these paintings quite fascinating.

José said...


Usually I use the word quality, but today I'll use it together with another one: quality and class.

Best regards,


lotusgreen said...

oh how cool to find her work here!! i've loved her stuff since i first went to one of her open studios, here in berkeley. hadn't been lately so it's great to see some of her new works. thanks!