Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Léon de Smet (1881 - 1966)


"Claire in a summer dress in front of the mirror" 1943

"Two children in an interior"

"The red table" 1916

"Vrouw met sjaal" 1921

"Femme assise dans un intérieur"

"View of the river Leie"

"A still life with flowers in a vase" 1928

"Portrait of the artists wife" 1917

"Still life with flowers in a pot"

"La table fleurie"

"Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat"

"Autumn sunlight"

"Young woman in an interior"


Rob Carey said...

Yes, I appreciate these works very much- beautiful style.

Irina_Russia said...

Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat is beautiful and unusual. I like his technique, the lightness and transparency. Definitely underappreciated.

billie said...

great find! amazing colors + technique