Monday, 21 December 2009

Valerius de Saedeleer (1876 - 1946)

"Winter" 1926

"Le coin du village" 1926

"En plein hiver" 1927

"De houten standaardmolen van tiegem" 1909

"Lente te Etikhove"

"Summer landscape in Wales"

"Road through a winter landscape" 1931

"La ferm au bord de l'eau" 1941

"Winter landscape"

"View of a valley, Wales"


"Winter landscape" 1931

"Winter landscape in Wales"

"Mountains in Cardiganshire"


Gwen Buchanan said...

His lines emit a sense of calm ... and reminds me much of Bruegel who I have admired since I was a child...

Thank you for introducing me to this artist......

faymd1 said...

Wow, another revelation. His work is sublime. We just had a lovely snowfall here in the mid-Atlantic with same lush snowcover and rich pewter skies.

pombolita said...

Precioso y absolutamente moderno!!

Sophie Munns said...

This is stunning work.... especially love the work from Wales -'view of a valley, Wales' and 'mountains in Cardiganshire'.
love the atmosphere and the colour palette of certain works.

Thanks for all the inspiration this year... have loved coming to visit and discover what you have to share with we lucky people who know about this blog!

I still think its a fabulous idea for a blog - its sobering to think how many names we honour and how many excellent artists there actually are that are worthy of a far greater audience than they may have had during their life times!

That's life - but your addressing of this is a tonic!
best wishes for a wonderful Festive season,

curator said...

Thanks all for the comments!

Sophie that is very kind of you to say so, thank you for taking the time to comment -it means a lot.

Have an enjoyable festive period everyone!

Φ said...

Thank you for posting this!
I never felt so strangely familiar with a painted landscape before, all his paintings transmitted to me very deep emotions.