Saturday, 20 March 2010

Alexander Mann (1853 - 1908)

"The Shipwrights Daughter" 1883

"Portrait of a girl with long hair" 1886

"Tangier from the dunes" 1892

"The Gleaners" 1889

"Pine trees by the coast, Levanto"

"Mary, the artists daughter" 1898



Jesus Estevez said...

what a good painter. nice job you are doing bringing this beautiful works out so every body can enjoy them.

Sir John More said...

Just elegant. Thanks.

Dsata said...


And I agree with the comment of Jesus Estevez !

Neil said...

The influence of Bastien-Lepage on British art deserves a book of its own! Thanks for highlighting this undeservedly neglected artist.

TG said...

thank you for your work and your blog which is very interesting and useful

Keith said...

Lovely quality of light :)