Monday, 22 March 2010

Charles Webster Hawthorne (1872 - 1930)

"Fisherman and his daughter"

"The Family"


"The Fisherman's Daughter"

"The Blue Kimono"

"Girl with pan"

"The Captain's Wife" 1924

"Motherhood Triumphant"

"Girl with red rose"

"Refining oil"


"Little Dora"

"Early Spring"

"First Mate"

"Girl with vase"

"Clipper ship captain"


"The Trousseau"


"The Family"

"Wild Flowers"



pablo said...

great find; 'first mate' is wonderful.

TG said...

Beautiful paintings, human, modest with much of depth of heart

christy said...

so lovely! some of the subjects seem to wear a vacant expression... which seems to put me under some kind of spell :-) ... so very beautiful and delicate.