Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Aimé Barraud (1902 - 1954)

"The Watercolourist"

Aimé Barraud was the younger brother of Francois Emile Barraud (seen previously on Art Inconnu here and here.) One of seven siblings (six brothers and a sister) Aimé Barraud grew up in an artistic environment, the son of clock engravers. Like several of his brothers he studied art locally in Switzerland and later visited Paris regularly where he enjoyed minor success as a painter. He died in 1954 in Neuenburg, Switzerland.

"Bouquet of flowers"


"Roses in a Jar"

"Young woman standing before an easel"

"Still life with flower in a vase"

"Portrait of two young girls"

"Red Berries"

"La Bonne"

"Magnolias in a glass vase"

"Self portrait with Beret"

"Still life with carafe"

"Still life with yellow roses and grey drapery"

"Still life"

"Still life with vase"

"Self portrait with collar"

"Still life with pears and grapes"

"Notre Dame, Paris."


mdfay said...

The still lifes are wonderful.

Kraftgenie said...

Interestingly enough, there is a third painting Barraud brother, Aurèle:

Great find and post, merci ;)