Thursday, 29 July 2010

Julio Romero de Torres (1880 - 1930)

"La Gracia" 1915

"Venus of poetry"

"Carmen and Fuensanta"

"The sin"

"La Fuensanta"

"The Guitar Player"

"Rivalidad" 1925

"La Salud"

"Viva el pelo"


"La Primavera" 1925


"Nuestra Seorade Andalucia"

"La Chiquita Piconera"


tigerloaf said...

A really extraordinary painter. I have thirty-odd images but only two or three of these. Nice work.

Merce said...

He's very well known in Spain. One of his portraits (Fuensanta)was at the reverse of the 100 pesetas bill (the most common pre-euro bill in Spain), while a portrait of the artist was in the anverse