Monday, 2 August 2010

Leonard Campbell Taylor (1874 - 1969)

"Patience" 1906

"Themes of taste and connoisseurship, with the emphasis on reproducing in meticulous verisimilitude the nuances of a particular time, are central to Taylor's work. Carefully judged in terms of colour and composition, they function almost as pieces of craftsmanship: repeated details, echoed passages, symmetry and overall harmony supporting the aesthetic axiom that a painting can be compared to a piece of music, or share the studious integrity of an arts and crafts objet de art."

"The Hall" 1952

Leonard Campbell Taylor was born 12th December, 1874 in Oxford. He was an English painter of subject pictures, portraits, and interiors with figures. He first studied at the Ruskin School, Oxford, and then at the St John's Wood School of Art in London and at the Royal Academy School starting in 1905.

He exhibited in London and Paris, working in a careful, traditional manner and ignoring the modern modes of art around him. Among other things, he did portraits of wealthy patrons like the Courtaulds. The artist lived in Suffolk. Died 1969.

"The rain, it raineth every day" 1906

"The rehearsal" 1907

"Japanese Prints"

"The Little Corridor"


"The Gallery" 1952


cyurkanin said...

You've got me transfixed again. I don't think I've quite seen anything like "Patience" before; I'll be looking at it for a while... The hallway scenes however, seem as if they're done by a completely different artist (which I suppose, in a sense, they were). Through his long career I think he was more affected by "the modern modes of art around him" than is credited. I couldn't imagine hanging one of those in my home - very, very "alone".

curator said...

Really strange aren't they. I had exactly the same feelings about those later 1950's paintings. Sitting alone in the hall ploughing a lonely furrow :)

christopher said...

If you have any insight into that first painting, please let me know. I'm really scratching my head trying to figure out exactly what it is that's happening there...

DSM said...

'PATIENCE' is a card game. The young beau possesses the same quality as he would probably rather be with her AWAY from the table. In that way, this painting and the other, titled 'PERSUASION' are getting very near to a Norman Rockwell sensibility suitable for mass consumption.

Arianna said...

"The hall" is a painting full of melancholy and anxiety...I like it a lot! Arianna