Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Jos Albert (1886 - 1981)

"The Supper" 1921


"Snowy Landscape"

"Still life"

"Still life"


"Le gateau des rois"

"Still life"

"Still life with eggs"

"Floral still life"

"Church in Brabant"

"Still life with eggs"

"De Abdijkerk te Grimbergen"

"Winter in Brabant"

(I wouldn't normally post images as low quality as this - if anybody has additional information on this artist, or better images, please contact me.)


Kathryn Braithwaite said...

Absolutely wonderful.Thank you for posting these,I enjoyed looking at them.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Wow! I love these works. I'm glad to have seen the work of Jos Albert.

Gayle said...

Stunning and subtle. Stunningly beautiful in the subtlety of color and subject. I loved every piece.

curator said...

Many thanks for the comments! I couldn't agree with you more Gayle.

Elisabethbaysset said...

Il règne un beau silence dans ces toiles , une grande profondeur d'âme.EB.

federico said...

his subjects touch a hidden path where I'd gladly walk until the last day...great imagery and touch...(sorry for my english) i'm glad I found jos. Artinconnu is the main reason for me for using the internet, a year and a half now not missing a single artist, keep it up!! and thanks again...

curator said...

Thank you Federico! Many thanks for commenting and for reading, it means a lot.

Miguel Gómez Losada said...

"Winter in Brabant" es maravilloso e inquietante. Thanks