Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Albert York (1928 - 2009)

"Black bull standing in a landscape" 1982

"Bread and wine" 1966

"Edge of the forest" c.1963

"Reclining female nude with cat" c.1978

"The Sea, East Hampton" 1964

"Three Red Tulips in A Landscape with Horse and Rider" 1982

"Woman and skeleton" 1967

"Grey cow in landscape with pond"

"Red and Yellow Flowers in a Tin" c.1966

"Two Reclining Women in Landscape" c.1967

"Twin trees" c.1963

- The Paradise of Albert York
- “The most highly admired unknown artist in America”
- Timeline, publications, exhibitions



Il est curieux et intéressant d'entrer dans l'univers d'un artiste peintre. Je me laisse porter par son œuvre et il me suffit de ressentir une émotion comme ici, pour dire qu'il a trouvé le moyen de me communiquer quelque chose, au-delà de sa langue maternelle, de sa culture, de sa personnalité. Il est intéressant à ce moment là d'en savoir plus et les blogs nous y aident.


chambersartstudio said...

In this case, I think I can see why he was unknown, and perhaps best left that way.

r8r said...

really wonderful stuff. it's a shame when work as good and interesting as this is not seen very often.

curator said...

Agree r8r!

Thanks all for the comments

DSM said...

The landscape with the tulips is like some toile du jour (sp?) fabric; fantastic!. The flowers in the tin is well drawn.