Monday, 11 October 2010

Édouard Joseph Dantan (1848 - 1897)

"Coin d'atelier"

"L'Atelier du Sculpteur" 1887

"A casting from life"

"Studio scene"


"From life"

- Biography
- A casting from life


Elisabethbaysset said...

Absolument extraordinaire iii

MJ FALCÃO said...

It's wonderful! Beauty is a joy forever, isn't it?

Yvette said...

Gorgeous paintings. What a tragic end to such a fine artist. But you have to half-smile to read the wording of the notice in the paper:
the horse 'attached' to the carriage. Well, where else would the horse have been?

I.S. peintre said...

I like so much this blog ! thanks !