Thursday, 14 October 2010

Veikko Vionoja (1909 - 2001)

"Kesämökin sisäkuva" 1974

"Kuvassa maalaus Ruiskukkia vuodelta" 1975

"Sisäkuva lemposesta"


"Asetelma" 1968

"Self-portrait" 1949

"Still Life" 1973

"The Window of a Musician" 1962

"The Old Village" 1956

(Thanks to Candace Dwan for suggesting this painter)


Elisabethbaysset said...

Un beau silence règne .

piilomaja said...

I’m a Finnish woman living in Brussels, I just found your blog and I’m happy to find here several fine works.
Last summer I had an opportunity to see these paintings by Vionoja at Ateneum in Helsinki.

Yesterday I saw Le chandail bleue by Daeye at museum here in Ixelles and I just stood there for a long white, admiring.

Thank you for your beautiful and important blog.

curator said...

Many thanks for the comments Elizabeth, pillomaja!

MJ FALCÃO said...

Tellement délicat, si sensible... Comme une atmosphère toujours de neige, si claire!
Très très beau...

columnist said...

There is a David Hockney-esq quality to Vionoja's work, don't you think?