Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Annie Louisa Robinson Swynnerton (1844 - 1933)

"Sense of sight" 1895



"Mater triumphalis" 1892

"Miss Elizabeth Williamson on a Pony" 1906

"New risen hope" 1904

"The Convalescent"

"Cupid and Psyche" 1891

"The Letter"

"Oleander" 1883

"Head of a Bacchante" 1903

"The Dreamer" 1886

"Crossing the Stream" 1886

"Joan of Arc"

Born in Kersal, then a suburb of Manchester. She was one of the seven daughters of solicitor Francis Robinson; she began painting to contribute to the family's support. Later she trained at the Manchester School of Art and the Académie Julian in Paris. She married sculptor Joseph Swynnerton in 1883 and lived with him if Rome for much of her maturity.

She was an active feminist and suffragette. With Susan Dacre she founded the Manchester Society of Women Painters in 1876.

In 1922 she became the first female associate of the Royal Academy since the 18th century. She died on Hayling Island in 1933.


Susan Roux said...

Lovely works. I really like Illusions... Turn of the century art is always my favorite.

John Larriva said...

It is a crime that I've never seen these images before. Absolutely stunning.

Pete Hoge said...

glad to have found this blog!

thank you for bringing these
voices to light in a world
where there is just too much