Friday, 12 November 2010

Guest authors - Submissions wanted

As one of a number of changes I am making to the site I am now looking for submissions for the blog from readers who would like to share a lesser known artist. The volume of suggestions I receive for the site, and the passion with which people talk about artists they love, makes allowing these messages a wider audience an obvious choice.

A short piece of writing is all that is required. That could be a brief overview or biography, a personal piece of writing on why an artist appeals to you, or the story of an encounter with their work. I would especially like to hear about artists from areas which are under-represented here (China, South America and the Middle East to name a few.) Don't worry about images, I can research those. Email me to discuss - artinconnu at gmail dot com.

The first post in this series will be published later this month.

[Image: Bartholomeus Van der Helst (1613-1670) - Girl with book.]


Hels said...

I think it is a great idea :) So I sent off an email to the address you gave.

Were you thinking of writing a guest article in return? Reciprocal guesting, I call it :)

Elisabethbaysset said...

Very very beautifull !!!

Kendra Boutell said...

Dear Curator, I always enjoy your exquisite blog and have nominated you for The Stylish Blogger Award. For details please see my blog Porcelains and Peacocks. Kind regards, Kendra