Friday, 26 November 2010

Jose de Togores i Llach (1893 - 1970)

"Mujer y sus hijos"


"Retrato de Florenci Veciana"

"Buste de femme"

"Two nudes"

"Renée y el perro"


"Mujer con los brazos cruzados"

"Renée et le chat"

"Mujer sentada"

"La pescadora de Banyuls"


"Torso de mujer"

"Mujer peinándose"

"Desnudos en la playa"

"Busto de mujer"

"El tonquinés"

"Los jugadores de billar"

"Mujeres dormidas"

"Nu aux bras levés"


AMALTEA said...

Is a very strong artist. His work have similarity with Lempicka

pRiyA said...

The stylizing in these paintings is superb. Another wonderful discovery.

goodbyestockholm said...

Just found u on flickr today! The idea behind this and the actual content is beyond amazing collection of art! Can't get enough of this. U r doing amazing work on this!

Pete Hoge said...

just as formidable as antique
photography in demonstrating
the character of pre-digital

curator said...

Many thanks for your comments Pete, goodbyestockholm

columnist said...

I agree there are similarities with Lempicka's work, but also that of Diego Rivera.