Friday, 3 December 2010

Guido Cadorin (1892 - 1978)

"Nudo di fanciulla"

"Laguna con vela"

"Supredo di S. Trovaso"

"Laguna (Primavera in Laguna)"

"Zitelle Church" 1952

"Nudo e paesaggio fiorito" 1920


"Figura verde" 1921


"Campo della Bragora"

"La Lagune" 1916

"Nudo allo specchio" 1943

"Il Canale" 1921

"Case di Pellestrina"

"Veduta di Venezia"


"El Gheto"

- Biography


pRiyA said...

These are extraordinary, the way the painter uses shapes to convey the message. I especially like the ones with boats and the last haunting image.

Arianna said...

Beautifl works, the lagunas are marvellous! Arianna

AMALTEA said...

It has a melancholic air but it is very beautiful

Pete Hoge said...

can be implied without
abstract shapes or twisted,
bizarre forms.

plaisanter said...

Thank you for drawing my attention to this artist.

Tadeusz Deregowski said...

fantastic set!

Elisabethbaysset said...

Un beau raffinement avec cette palette douce,
sensuelle .Trés beau . EB .

Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

These and the last group are espcially wonderful. Where do you find these artists and why are they little known?

TG said...

très beau et très serein

victoria eugenia said...

Fantástico y hermoso el cuadro "desnudo en el espejo" Mis felicitaciones.Saludos. Victoria.

A.Decker said...

Some of these, at first glance, appear to be "naive," but of course they are not. They're just so very personal. Great find.

rechab said...

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