Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Manabu Ikeda (b.1973)





"As yet untitled" (detail) 2008

"History of rise and fall" 2006

"Regeneration" 2001

"Existence" 2004

"Ark" 2005

"The galactic train" 2004


TG said...

Very nice…

Elisabethbaysset said...

Hou lalalalala ...quelle imagination , quel beau travail !
bravo , EB .

A.Decker said...


Gerry Snape said...

I don't think that this artist will remain unknown for very long . Quite amazing work . thanks for posting this.

Pete Hoge said...

Detail can destroy a work of
art because the artist thinks
details make it ,"good".

They look for approval from
those who only believe in
skill as a prime value.

In this case the artist has
understanding of a form in
a picture plane....so they
are successful.

beautiful....thank you.

AMALTEA said...

An accurate representation of today's world.

Sachi Komori said...

This artist is actually at my school for a semester here in Canada. He's extremely nice and these works are like 1 metre in height.

i think he's teaching here actually, he gave us a copy of his book.

Alexander said...

what technique do you use? oil, acylic, photoshop etc?

Ana said...

Thank you so, so much for the high resolution pictures!
This is one artist whose works shouldn't be viewed unless they're big.

I saw one of his works for a second in some clip and I knew I had to see more.
Even though this word has been overused: breathtaking. It really is.

As one of the previous commenters said "I don't think that this artist will remain unknown for very long ."

todd tuchscherer said...

I love this artist. I saw his work at the Japan Society in NYC & I would like to have some detailed prints of his work. Sachi Komori or anyone else, could you tell me the title of his book or where I could get it?