Friday, 17 December 2010

Tatiana Córdoba (b.1988)

"Estampa series 1"

"Estampa series 2"

"Estampa series 3"

"Estampa series 5"

- Website
- Interview with Tatiana Córdoba


Elisabethbaysset said...

Beaucoup de force et de désespoir se raconte là .EB.

AMALTEA said...

Good pictures and better funding

TG said...

C'est personnel, avec une vraie profondeur d'esprit.
It is very personal, with a true depth of spirit.

Nancy Clearwater Herman said...

This artist is very interesting. Who would have thought to integrate portraits with pattern? I love it.

Stephan P Ferreira said...

Thanks for posting. Reminds me of Kehinde Wiley - but these paintings are much more. Kehinde's are very one-note.