Art Inconnu

There are so many great artists in this world that most people do not know of and I feel it is my duty to bring those artists and their great artworks to the light.

New Underrated Arts – Let’s Make Them Big!

We are having an interesting social experiment today. Have you heard about step-daddy issues that some girls might develop once they are adults? Well this is the thing with HotCrazyMess series. Of course it’s a fantasy website, but it’s showcasing pretty well what the problem is. In series of POV kind of videos you will see why young girls are amazed by older and experienced men. And yes, it all ends up with a crazy mess, but that’s a given. 🙂

Art Talk on Art Inconnu

Vincent van Gogh Known for his post-impressionist paintings

Paul Gauguin Some of his famous works are Day of God, Arearea, La Orana Maria.

Johannes Vermeer Known for his domestic interior scenes of the middle-class life

Claude Monet Some of his great works: Impression, Sunrise, Woman with a Parasol...

Significant Art Schools in The World

Art school is a dream of most of the art loving students who want to make their career in this field.

1. Royal College of Art This is one of the oldest colleges in Britain, established in the year 1896.

University of Arts, London Established in the year 1986 and formerly known as the London Institute of Arts.