About Me

Hello Readers,

JenniferI am Jennifer, a full time blogger and a guidance counselor. My love for paintings and arts gave me the idea to start writing this blog. There are so many great artists in this world that most people do not know of and I feel it is my duty to bring those artists and their great artworks to the light. I have traveled all over the world to experience new art and culture. My love for art started when i was very young and even after so many years, I feel so alive and thrilled seeing a great work. In my blog, you will find lots of art and architecture related articles. I have studied art formally and I believe that nobody should be deprived of the opportunity to make their career as an artist. A great artist doesn’t get immediate recognition as compared to the great academic. Realizing this, I got inspired to start writing this blog because i wanted people to know that there is a big career as an artist. Art can be of any form; it’s just not confined to painting or sculptures. In today’s world, these include graphic designing, animation, fashion designing and much more.

If you want to learn about the various arts and art forms, you can visit here regularly because I keep writing new articles quite frequently. I am also a public speaker and I love to share my experience with the people around me. I also give career counseling to the parents and the students who are not sure of the paths they want to take in the future.

ArtI also have a lot of interest in architecture. Well, I believe art and architecture go hand in hand. It’s been seen most of the painters were also architects and sculptors. I love going to new places in search for new art and art forms and love sharing my experiences.

I have been learning bits of graphic designing and animation also. So, very soon I will be adding articles regarding those subjects to. If you want to know anything specific regarding these articles, then leave me a message and I would try to share what I know with you.

Art is not only my passion but it’s also my life and I feel everyone should get a chance to experience the beauty of art one in one form or the other. Not everyone is an artist but everyone can benefit from it. I have guided lots of parents and children about the benefits of practicing art in their lives and most of them have benefited from it.

If this is your first visit to my blog, you can check out my past work also. I also write travel articles. I am sure that you will love reading them as well. I am always open to comments and constructive criticism. If you have any queries, I would be really glad to solve them. If you want me to go some place and check that out or review something for you, just let me know. If there is some art form that you want to know about, send me a query and I would gladly address it. Afterall it’s my work!

Thank you for visiting here. I hope you guys had a nice time reading my blog. Please keep revisiting.