Have you heard the name Miwa Komatsu before? Well, if you haven´t it is high time you find out who this brilliant Japanese artist is!

Komatsu is a committed, soulful artist who thinks the reason to show her paintings to the world is because she has to play a role in the world.

An artist with a higher purpose creating otherworldly creatures and landscapes who is really talented might be Avant-Garde´s highest hope.

Miwa Kowatsu: Divine Spirit

Divine Spirit

The name of the newest showing by this groundbreaking Japanese artist is Divine Spirit and it involves mixed-media and acrylic paintings along with some amazing Komainu sculptures, and scroll paintings made in a traditional Japanese scroll called Hakata-Ori.

Her former exhibition was sold within two days and raised ¥300 million as well as attracting over 30,000 visitors of the most selected people in the world of art.

The present exhibition due to be opened on April 28th, is already completely sold on the pre-opening on March 26th.

The Vision Of Life And Death

The Vision Of Life And Death

Having gone through the loss of some of her dearest loved ones, Miwa developed a unique view of the cycle of life and death and also the “invisible world” within ours. She depicts all these ideas throughout her monochrome copperplate, colorful acrylics and Arita porcelain creations.

All her creations have her soul on them and although she should belong to the “Unsung painters” section, I am very tempted to go with her work directly to the “Greatest Artists” section. Her traces are so powerful and her feelings are so out there that it is very hard to take your eyes off her paintings and sculptures.

Her vision of life and death is evident and beautiful especially on her early works in monochrome and I don´t know if it is because of the monochrome or because of her talent, but the cycle is so evident that is not scary, but soothing for the soul.

Black For Wife – Explicit Interracial Art

Black For Wife Interracial Series

Have you already heard about this controversial (in some communities) series? White mature women seducing or being seduced by hung black guys. While interracial adult entertainment is still kind of taboo this trend continues to grow rapidly. Are you ready to enter the world of dark fantasies and cravings becoming real? Follow this address for free video streaming.


Avant-Garde paintings, sculptures and artwork in general have come a long way.

From the criticism that artists like Duchamp received to the beautiful recognition of Pablo Picasso, it has always been a struggle to make it to the mainstream for this artistic movement.

It is a beautiful thing to see how a contemporary artist like this 34-year old Japanese girl is getting the attention of the art world for her work. If you haven´t seen her work yet, please do.