In the world of so many great artists, some of them remain unnoticed. Some do not get the fame they deserve during their lifetime but are only recognized when they are dead. There have been many painters in the world that are big names now and are being widely appreciated but were unknown during their lifetime. Some of these even lived in abject poverty. Let me talk about a few such painters whose works are cherished immensely by the folks today. Had they received recognition when they were alive, maybe it would have made their lives easier and happier.

Vincent van Gogh

He is known for his post-impressionist paintings. He was a Dutch painter born in 1853 and did not receive any praise or appreciation during his life. Unlike the other famous painters, his art was considered too dark or emotional and was not at all appreciated. He later committed suicide because he could not even sell one painting of his. His art was found from his pocket along with a letter that was addressed to his brother. He made a great impact on artists around the time of the 20th century. His painting “Starry Night” has become a worldwide phenomenon and millions of painters aspire to be like him.

Paul Gauguin

Like Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin also struggled for recognition all through his life. He was born in 1848 and was a post impression artist. His work got recognition widely in the 19th century after his death. His paintings were an inspiration for many big French artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. He is now considered as the most important artist of the post-impressionism movement. Some of his famous works are Day of God, Arearea, La Orana Maria, The Painters of Sunflowers and many more.

Johannes Vermeer

He was a Dutch painter who is known for his domestic interior scenes of the middle-class life. He had an average life and received only a little recognition by the people. But for the kind of work he had done, this wasn’t enough. He did not make a lot of paintings throughout his career but he tried and perfected them all. He has only created a total of thirty-four paintings. He worked as an art dealer and an innkeeper but this was not enough to feed his family of thirteen people. He later died of stress and financial pressure. After his death, he was forgotten for good for two centuries, until in the 19th century historians Waffen and Thore Burger published an essay on him. He is now known to be one of the most influential artists of all time. All his paintings are beautiful and highly appreciated.

Claude Monet

Yet another French Impressionist painter that did not get recognition during his time. Born in 1840, he is known as the founder of the French Impressionist painting. His work was outrightly rejected by the society because it went against the trend. He wanted to document the French countryside and that led him to adopt a different painting style of his own. He died of lung cancer at the age of eighty-six. His work has been an inspiration to the most impressionist painters. Some of his great works include Impression, Sunrise, Woman with a Parasol, San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk and many others.

El Greco

He was a Greek painter, sculptor, and architect. He is said to be the most influential person in the Post-Byzantine Artwork. He did not get any appreciation during his time but was only discovered again in the 20th century. His real name was Domenikos Theotokopoulos and was born in 1541. He was also interested in reading and had his own library and a workshop in Rome. Unfortunately, his work was not liked by people because it was different. Even after he died, he was scorned because people thought his work to be too confusing and incomprehensible. He is now known as a painter who was always ahead of time because of his unique style and modern techniques. His famous works include The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, View of Toledo, Opening of the Fifth Seal amongst others.

There have been a lot of unknown painters in the world that did not ever get any appreciation till date. But it is quite possible that some painter who is not as appreciated in today’s time rises to become one of the greatest painters in the future.