There are some artists who do amazing work all through their lifetime and get recognition only when they are dead. Some of their paintings become masterpieces. This happens because the artists are usually ahead of time and are not understood by the common people during their life. They leave behind a legacy that is highly appreciated and followed by many other artists. It\’s not just one painter Some of such paintings of these unsung painters are:

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    Starry Night is the world\’s most famous painting that was only recognized after the death of Vincent van Gogh. It is an oil canvas painting that depicts the scene from the window of Van Gogh’s asylum just before the sunrise. This masterpiece is one of the most widely known works of Vincent van Gogh and is permanently kept at the Museum of Modern Art New York City. This painting was initially made by Van Gogh in the asylum with charcoal or ink on the paper which he later replicated when he got back to his apartment. The painting is done with beautiful colors and smooth brush strokes. This painting was later followed by Starry Night Over the Rhone and is as beautiful as the first one. Many movies and book covers have been inspired by this painting. It surely is one masterpiece.