Some paintings are famous because of the beautiful work that the artist has done on it, whereas some paintings are famous for no reason. Some of the most over-hyped paintings of all time are:

  • Campbell's soup cansThis is a painting by the artist Andy Warhol. He made this in 1962 and it has thirty-two soup cans drawn to the 20*16 inch canvas.  The soup cans are of the variety of soups the Campbell company offered. Andy Warhol did comic strip paintings and one day when he was looking for ideas to draw, one of his friend told him that he should make something that the people of America could relate to like Campbell’s soup cans. And he did just that. This painting even though is very famous but is not as good in comparison to the masterpieces that other artists have created.

  • Broadway Boogie WoogieThis is a famous painting by the artist Piet Mondrian and was completed by him in the year 1943. This is a graphic painting with boxes of different colors made on it. It sits in the Museum of Modern Art, New York City and is excessively famous. It is said to be inspired by the city grid of Manhattan and the Broadway Boogie Woogie. Unlike other graphic paintings this is fairly simple and does not have a special feel to it and is also in comparison to other works by Piet Mondrian ranks somewhere below. Yet this painting has so many visitors all through the year.

  • No. 5No. 5, 1948 is an abstract painting by an American painter Jackson Pollock who is famous for his abstract artwork. This is a liquid painting made on a fiberboard. This is the world’s fifth most expensive painting that has ever been sold. This is considered as a key work in the abstract expressionist movement in America and is a marker of the birth of action painting. This is Pollock’s instantaneous work; he did not make any outlines or sketches before starting the painting. The painting is 8 feet by 4 feet in size and was sold for about $135 million.

  • GuernicaGuernica is an oil painting by the famous artist Picasso. It was completed in 1937 and depicts a scene of the room where a bull is looking over a woman who is crying because of her dead child. In the center is a horse falling and his wound has been emphasized. There is a dead soldier lying under the horse and there is destruction all over. This is a war inspired painting by Picasso. Made in black and white and grey shades, this painting is one of the most famous works of Picasso. Considering his other works, this painting seems to be over-hyped. No doubt the theme of the painting is great, but it does little justice to Picasso’s other works.

  • MonalisaOne of the most famous paintings of all time, Mona Lisa is a masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting is of a woman who is sitting in front of a beautiful landscape. This painting has been the center of debate for its origin and as to who is the woman in the painting. The woman in the painting is missing her eyebrows and this is what makes the work special in itself. The detailing is done very nicely but, in comparison to the other works by Leonardo da Vinci, this painting seems a little overrated. Though it has a historical importance of its own, but still it’s not as good as his other works.