I believe that one of the biggest scandals when selling art paintings is when a patron buys something they think is authentic, only to learn later that it is a fake. Big auctions like Sotheby’s and others warn patrons to make sure that they know what they are buying. it is easy to fool the naked eye, particularly if you are not an art collector by trade. If you are buying an art painting, then you should have an expert to view as much of it as possible to ensure that it is the real art pai.

Digital Era – End Of Scandals?

Perv Mom Series
Perv Mom – Not An End To Scandal And Taboo!

There is an interesting observation in the way that classic art is perceived now. In era of computers and digital all around, you can’t easily be fooled with things you see on Internet. Take PervMom for example. This is brand new series in the adult industry that could be called art in its own league. The series features only the most well-known American MILFs that seduce and use their step sons in sexual way. This theme has been used in classic paintings many times, but only in 2018 it became a thing in the world of internet pornography.

How To Best Tell Fake Art Paintings?

There is almost always one way to tell that an art painting is authentic and that is seeing the certification of authenticity. There are many art collectors who get the signature verified to ensure that it is real. This eliminates the art painting scandal by ensuring that you are paying for an authentic painting.

When a painting is not authenticated, there is no real way of knowing if it is authentic or not, particularly if you are buying online as many auctions will allow you to do.

Even if you actually go to an auction, the untrained naked eye is only guessing if the purchase is for something that will be valuable. You may also want to read or speak with an art collector once you decide the types of artwork that you want to purchase. They can give you the prominent origins of the era of art and what it is known for. They can also describe the painter and let you know about some of the signature styles for you to look at in order to make your guessing of the authenticity of the art painting more successful. You may view a link to some of these forgeries that turned out to be either fake or authentic here.

Mona Lisa – Can you tell if it’s fake or not?

Some Of The Biggest Fake Art Painting Scandals That Sold For Millions

While there are many fake art painting scandals to be found, these are 3 of the largest in monetary value that sold for millions of dollars and may have later turned out to be fake or vice versa.

Sotheby’s Auction

Fake signatures that are later authenticated, forgeries that are shown to be authentic by the real artist and millions sold by an estate that turned out to be worthless. They include:

  1. The Caravaggio Conundrum that turned up in an attic was initially stated by an expert to be fake, but turned out to be real to the tune of one hundred twenty-nine million dollars.
  2. The Lee Ufan scandal where the artist himself contradicted a criminal known as Hyece who told the police that he had forged the signatures. Lee Ufan confirmed the signatures on his artwork, much to the delight of the buyer.
  3. The London based Mayor Gallery started a case against Agnes Martin who had already sold thirteen art paintings to patrons with not knowing if the art was authentic. The artwork included: Night and Day, an art work that was untited and eleven others. Although the case was found in favor of the estate, the art work was found to be fakes and had no value at all. The patrons were refunded their money to the tune of millions of dollars.