Not all cities in the world are same when it comes to art and artists. Artists need freedom along with flexibility to discover like minded people, new markets, join artist community and discover new inspiration. If you are looking for a city where you find all these and more, below is small list of cities that are great places to settle down for artists. These cities have a vibrant artist community, affordable lifestyle, museums and galleries and plenty of opportunities for outdoor art. Head here to know about the top art schools in the world.

Santa Fe In New Mexico

santa feSanta Fe is a beautiful city with a colorful art community. This place offers a perfect combination of art savvy people, low rents many museums and art galleries and a rich history of art. Santa Fe attracts artists from all over the world with interests in contemporary, indigenous and western art.

City of Santa Fe Arts Commission organizes a variety of functions that fund and promote the artistic excellence in the city. This city has a community art gallery that regularly hosts work from artists in the city. Any local artist can showcase his/her work in this gallery. Further, the city hosts Art in Public Places Program in which the city invests in art work which is then displayed in public spaces like parks, civic buildings and transit system.

Santé Fe is so generous with its policies that it sets aside 2 percent of construction cost for art work, every time a new building is constructed or renovated.

Lisbon, Portugal

lisbonLisbon is known as one of the best places to live in the world with a small budget. So, if you are a cash-strapped artist, this place will give you affordable rents, low taxes and cheapest cost of living in Western Europe.

Lisbon’s art scene is rapidly growing and it has become of the most happening art capitals in Europe. This city offers a number of opportunities to ambitious artists through its many art galleries, blooming art destinations and art friendly policies. If you are here you will be able to become a part of an ever-growing art community, where you can collaborate and innovate with others. This is your place if you are looking for an open, friendly and unpretentious city to settle down.

Copenhagen, Denmark

copenhagenCopenhagen is well known as an art city. It offers a wonderful artists’ community with several exhibition spaces, artist collectives and more, making it a good choice for artists.

One reason why Copenhagen has a number of artists run spaces is because established institutions prefer to showcase only established artists. Then there is Danish Art Foundation that helps new and upcoming artists by paying for new spaces for up to 2 years. So, you can easily find a place in public art shows, exhibitions, residencies and community art fairs.

Barcelona, Spain

BarcelonaBarcelona is probably one of the most artsy and colorful cities in the world. It hosts many art festivals throughout the year and is well known for its urban-art. Historically, this city hosted the likes of Picasso, Dali and Miro and you will also find their museums dedicated here.

Today Barcelona is a diverse city with artists almost everywhere. You can see them on the streets; live painting and you will find them inside the many art fairs and exhibitions. The art scene in the city is inclined heavily towards urban art and illustration.

If you move to Barcelona, you will find abundant opportunities to grow as an artist, enjoy the history and architectural beauty of the city and be a part of various festivals with a focus on art, music, films, etc.

Edwards, Colorado, USA

edwardsEdwards in Colorado, USA is a small city but it has a classy art community in the area. This beautiful city has a well-developed cultural scene with special events all round the year. Moving to this place will give you a chance to settle in a beautiful valley with a heavy inclination for performing arts. People here love their dose of music here. Dance is also much revered, therefore, they do everything to support the artists.

Private donations are the norm here, along with federal art grants that have done a lot to build the artistic infrastructure in the area. Edwards may be a small place as compared to all the others in the list but that is the beauty of this place. It is cheap in terms of accommodation and food and its thriving art scene is ideal for new beginnings.

Jackson, Wyoming

JacksonHere is another small community that is a blessing for artists. Jackson is well known internationally for all types of arts. This mountain community has a Center for the Arts. This place offers art gallery, performance theatre, dance studios, classrooms and offices to organizations and individuals who would like to share and collaborate.

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Sis Loves Me – Porn

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Jackson is extremely art friendly, therefore it is very easy to team up with other artists in the city. Come here for an affordable lifestyle, respect for art, year-round celebrations and beautiful views everywhere you go.