Every painter or an artist needs some inspiration. Some seek inspiration within themselves and some in the artworks of other people. In today\’s world of technological advancements, the painting websites are a great way to look the the artwork of the other artists and seek inspiration. If you are not an artist and just an admirer of the art, these websites can be a good way to search for artwork. Some of my personal favorite painting websites are:

Oil Painters of America

This is a site wholly dedicated to oil painting. You will find a huge amount of tips and tricks to improve your painting skills. Their gallery has a large amount of paintings by different artists that can be used as an inspiration. The site also provides tutorials and has an active blog where you can go and see what the painters like you are talking about.

Painting Lessons

This is a site that offers free video tutorials to the people who want to know how to paint better. There is a blog and also you can ask for critics on your paintings and you are given free advices. The gallery has many paintings by professional painters and the best thing is the painting challenge and a demonstration.

Watercolor Painting

If you want to learn the basic watercolor skills this is the site to go for. Here you will find step by step tutorials for free. You can also select from skill levels like basic, advanced skills 1 and advanced skills 2. You can also find a plethora of watercolor painting ideas for your own paintings. The teachers are award winning painters and the site keeps updating new videos regularly. This is the best site for people who do not want to learn in a school and want to work at their own pace.

International Society of Acrylic Painters

The site has a huge collection of Acrylic paintings under the Exhibition options. You can even submit your artwork on the site and participate in their exhibitions. This is a great way to show your work to the world and also earn a big prize.

Bill Martin’s Guide To Oil Painting

This site was initially launched by world renowned artist Bill Martin who passed away in 2008. This site offers you tutorials in the art of oil painting. Bill Martin’s lessons are available on the site and are very useful for the people who are just starting out with Oil Painting. You will also find a gallery with all his work and all the basic material needed for oil paintings.  There is an oil painting exercise that everyone should check out.

Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki is an Los Angeles based painter and is widely known for her portraits of young women. Her website gives you a glimpse at her beautiful works like paintings, doodles and other poterates. You can even shop at her website if you like any of her paintings.  The paintings go on sale every now and then and you need to keep a tab because the stocks are limited and they run out fast.