There is so much work done by the great artists that is available all over the internet. It gets really daunting if you want to see all the work of an artist because you have to keep searching for each one separately. I have a great solution to this problem of yours. There are many painting albums available online that have been curated by art experts and can be accessed easily. You can get all the artwork from your favorite painter in just one place. Some of these painting albums include the following:

Francois Barraud Painting album

\"LaFrancois Barraud was a Swiss painter born in 1899. He developed interest in art very early in his life and made portraits of still life, female nudes and several double portraits of himself and his wife. He died at the age of thirty-four years, but left a legacy of art behind him that is an inspiration to a lot of modern day painters and artists.

Balthus Painting Album

\"BalthasarBalthasar Klossowski de Rola was a Polish French Modern Artist. Born in 1908, he is one of the most influential figures of the 20th century. His work was primarily classical and his techniques were inspired by the pre – renaissance painters. His art depicts the perfect blend of renaissance with modernism and is hence appreciated all over the world. Some of his notable paintings are Guitar Lessons, Girl With Cat, The Street and much more.

Gustave Van De Woestyne Album

\"GustaveHe was an expressionist painter and was born in 1881. He was a part of the “First Group Of Latem” which was a group of artists who worked in a rural village on the banks of the Lys. His artwork is mostly religiously inspired and has symbolisation to it.  Some of his most famous works are: The Two Springs, Portrait of Prudence De Schepper, Farmer or Evening, Boerin Hat to name a few.

Edouard Joseph Dantan

\"aEdouard Joseph Dantan was a French painter born in the year 1848. He was very famous in his times but was sometimes overshadowed by the painters of the modern styles. He won many awards throughout his career. His work was more classic and he usually did portraits of other people. Some of his major works are mainly based on the classical mythology and religious subjects. This was a very common subject in his time. Some of his notable works are Episodes of the Destruction of Pompeii, The Trinity, 1872 Portrait, Hercules at the feet of Omphale, a monk as a wood sculptor and much more.

Auguste Toulmouche


Auguste Toulmouche was a French painter whose paintings were mainly based in the academic realms. His art was more towards idealism even though the trend in his time was more towards realism. He was born in 1828 and has been considered one of the greatest artist of his time. Some of his notable works are : Le Robe Blew, The Love Letter, Young Woman in an Interior, Vanity, A Tranquil Afternoon, The Letter, Reluctant Bride, The New Arrival, Consolation  amongst many others.

Master of the Osservanza Triptych

\"TheMaster of the Osservanza Triptych, also known by the name of Osservanza Master was an Italian Painter whose work dates from the 1430s to 1450s. His work was not recognized until an Italian Scholar Roberto Longhi saw that the “Two Triptychs” that had been thought as the work of Stefano di Giovanni were not the work of his hand. He also found out that there was another group of paintings that was similar to these and so Osservanza Master was recognized. Some of his notable works are:  Birth of the Virgin with other Scenes from her Life, Burial of Saint Monica and Saint Augustine Departing From Africa, Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony at the Mass, the Temptation, the Resurrection and Saint Anthony Distributing His Wealth. His work is mainly based on the religious and the mythological themes like most other works of that time.