Renaissance was the golden era of art. This period started in the 14th century and lasted until the 17th century. Some of the greatest artists like Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael were born in this period and gave their immense contribution to the art. The Renaissance period saw some religious masterpieces that developed the techniques of classicism and physical realism. Some of the famous paintings from this period are:

  • Mona Lisa Mona Lisa  is a painting by a very famous artist Leonardo da Vinci. This is one of the widely known paintings of all times and is believed to be painted in 1503 to 1506. This is said to be a painting of Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco del Giocondo. Permanently displayed in the Louvre Museum in Paris, this is easily the most famous painting from the Renaissance period. This is an oil painting on a wood panel and has been a mystery to the masses about its origin for ages. It is mostly famous because Da Vinci never completed it. The portrait of the woman does not have eyebrows.

  • Annunciation
    Annunciation is yet another painting by Leonardo da Vinci that is a masterpiece from the Renaissance era. Yet another oil painting on a wooden panel depicts an angel Gabriel who is sent to the earth to announce that Virgin Mary would give birth to the son of God whose name would be Jesus. Religious subjects were extremely popular at the time of Renaissance and have been the inspiration for some great paintings in this period. It is said to have been painted in 1472-1475 and is showcased in Uffizi gallery Italy.

  • The Last SupperYet another painting by the greatest Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper depicts the scene of the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. Like his other work, this painting is also inspired by religion. During the meal, Jesus predicts that one of his disciples would betray him and that is what exactly happens. This painting is very important in the Christianity. It is said to have been made in the years 1495 – 1498 and is a tempera on gesso, pitch and mastic painting. Due to its religious importance, Last Supper is one of the most famous paintings located in Santa Maria Delle Grazie, Milan.

  • Assumption of the VirginAssumption of the Virgin” is another masterpiece from the Renaissance period created by the artist Titan. Titan is known as one of the finest artists from this period and choosing the best from his masterpieces is difficult. But this one is a little special because it was Titan’s first major commission in Venice and this painting led to his enormous success. The painting has a religious theme and depicts a scene in three parts. The first level has the apostles watching in awe and surprise as mother Mary on the second level, surrounded by many small angel babies is being carried to the heaven. This painting thus depicts the rise of mother Mary to heaven.
  • School of AthensWhen we talk about the artists from the Renaissance period, Raphael is one of the first names that comes to mind. He is one of the greatest artists of all times and the Renaissance period. Painted between 1509 and 1511, “School of Athens” depicts all the greatest mathematicians, philosophers and scientists in one room having a conversation and sharing ideas. The most emphasis has been given to Aristotle and Plato who are the center of the painting. In addition to them, there is Pythagoras, Ptolemy and many more such learned men who changed the world for good. This famous Fresco is located in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican.
  • PrimaveraAlso known as the Allegory of Spring, this painting has been created by one of the Renaissance period’s most famous artist Sandro Botticelli. There have been many views about the story or the message behind this painting, one of which is it shows a group of mythological figures in the garden during spring. Another one is that it illustrates the idea of Neoplatonic love. The history of the painting is not entirely clear but it might have been created around 1477. There was no name given to the painting and all the names that it is called by now is given in today’s time. This painting is one of the best works of Sandro Botticelli.
  • Sistine MadonnaSistine Madonna was the last painting that Raphael made in the Madonna series. It was created as an alternative for the chapel in 1512. The painting depicts the Madonna holding baby Christ, while Saint Barbara and Saint Sixtus stand on the clouds besides her. Two winged Cherubim are at the bottom of the painting looking up at them. The painting is currently located at Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister, Dresden.